Great American Beer Festival Week 2017: Calendar of Amazing Events

If you don’t like beer, then Great American Beer Festival week, October 2-8, is a great time to head for hills to take in the beautiful reds, yellows and golds of Colorado’s fall colors. But if beer is your passion, then those reds, golds and yellows are all right here in town — and they are so, so pretty.

Beer will occupy the minds of thousands of people — locals and tourists alike — in early October as dozens and dozens of beer bars, breweries, restaurants and other venues hosts special tappings, dinners, seminars, mini-festivals and other events in honor of the 36th edition of the Great American Beer Festival, which takes place Thursday, October 5 through Saturday, October 7 at the Colorado Convention Center. It’s a glorious time for beer lovers and it turns Denver into a world-class destination.

And while the festival itself — the largest one on the planet — is amazing, it is also sold out. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of great beer to enjoy; here’s our list of events you can plan ahead for; we’ll continue to update this list on a regular basis over the next few weeks as we hear about more events. Cheers.

Beers Made By Walking
Euclid Hall employees sampled some beer before the dinner.
The 50 Firkin Fiasco returns for its fifth incarnation at Epic Brewing.
Crafty Fox Facebook page
When brewers sing. Ratio Beerworks

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