Free for All: The Five Best Free Events in Denver This Week

Rock around the Christmas tree with Calamity Champs at El Charrito.

We’re almost three weeks into a dispiritingly snow-barren December, but Denver’s creative community has plenty of gifts for bored locals to unwrap, anyway. From a concert at a "Five Star Dive Bar," to a pair of comedy showcases and a holiday craft market (held at a different dive bar), these free events will cover your entertainment needs until the weekend. In addition to the four frivolities mentioned above, we’ve also included a protest march in favor of net neutrality, which is a big part of what makes lists like these possible.

Calamity Christmas Party
9 p.m. Tuesday, December 19
El Charrito
Whether you’re staving off pangs of holiday homesickness or seeking a brief respite from familial obligations, there’s no denying the scuzzy charm of a dive bar during the holiday season. El Charrito’s Calamity Christmas Party (which also coincides with the last night of Hanukkah) is an ideal opportunity for such an escape. Knock back a margarita or two while enjoying top-notch local talent as Jay Gillespie, Broke Down Nuns and headlining act Calamity Champs take to the main stage. And with free admission, guests can enjoy Fezziwig festivities on a Cratchit budget. Visit the Calamity Christmas Facebook events page to learn more.

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