Welcome to Religious Education

Welcome to the UUAC First Parish in Sherborn’s cooperative Religious Education (RE) program. We have designed the program to:

  • Provide our children and youth with an understanding of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist
  • Help them to appreciate our Judeo-Christian roots
  • Acquaint them with world religions
  • Give them the building blocks to find their own beliefs
  • Guide them in formulating a personal religious perspective for sensitive and conscientious living

The teachers at UUAC are volunteers from our church community. At UUAC, we ask all parents to teach one trimester each year. We support our teachers by providing teacher training, a written curriculum, professional support, and materials throughout the year. Teaching can be a personally enriching form of social action and ministry for volunteers and create special connections within the church community.

RE classes are grouped by age, from the nursery level through 8th grade. Classes may incorporate storytelling, discussions, sharing, arts-and-crafts projects, games, music, and other activities. We also encourage participation in service and social action activities to help our children realize the positive impact that they can have on the lives of others. Importantly, we try to make the RE experience fun so that children will want to keep coming back.

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